Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What A Common, Not Famous Girl Can Do...

I hear you, I'm reading all about your pain and sorrows... Yes, I'm overwhelmed too. I want to fix this mess, kiss it's wound and make it all better, but in the mean time....

Some of us are busy teaching peace for all people, action for injustice and hope for a united and free tomorrow.  We aren’t the loudest, the bravest or the most read but we are making the biggest impact. We are throwing the pebble and watching the ripple effects and they are coming. 

We are the diligent, the steady day in and day out makers of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and bedtime story readers. We find purpose in the common and teach character above popularity. We clean scrapped knees and wrap up injured ankles all while mending heartaches and solving algebraic equations.  We find ways to bring the teachings of Jesus into real life situations; the Good Samaritan and Fruits of The Spirit are alive and well in our homes and on the streets we cross.

We are crying on pillows for children in the news who are being shot and killed with hands up in surrender, our knees are bruised from the kneeling prayers for victims of ISIS, Ebola and girls gone missing later to be found in backyards of mad men with hollow eyes. Our hearts are beating too fast our anxiety is threatening our joy and we are preaching No Fear but we are medicating every symptom at the delight of pharmaceutical sales reps.

The world is falling apart…and all the kids want is a warm full belly and a whispered prayer of assurance that Jesus indeed has the whole world in His hands and He certainly loves all the children …red, yellow, black and white. 

We are the passers down of The Truth and if we don’t hand them the baton of Faith…we leave them running with hands open to receive whatever message is mainstream …it sounds a lot like “Your life has little value. Serve yourself first, turn your back when it gets tough and sell out your soul for fame.”

I do not desire my humble prayers to go viral but better yet…they will go directly to the ears of God who promises to listen.

“The LORD hears His people when they cry out to Him for help. He rescues them from all their troubles.” ~Psalm 34:17

He will not be mocked.

“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” ~Galatians 6:7

And He will avenge His people. All of them…
He is fighting our battles…

“Do not be afraid of them; the LORD your God himself will fight for you.” ~Deuteronomy 3:22

Sometimes when I don't strike while the iron is hot on a subject...it is only because my every thought is wrapped up vulnerable at the Throne of God waiting to hear His response. 

But at the end of the day your silence can be misunderstood just as easily as your hot off the cuff reaction…I want my kids to know where I stand on the cultural issues we are facing today.

They need to know that my first reaction to the news of Michael Browns murder was that I SO badly wanted to hold the trembling hands of his mother and cry with her, wipe her tears off and listen to the stories of how he made her laugh when he was a toddler… before the world was against him…I want her to know if I was there,
I would have stood in front of that bullet...for any child.

I want to pray over her aching soul and tell her I will never forget his name. I want her to know I am teaching my children to respect the abusive history of African Americans and the message of “do not look at color” isn’t the answer. Why would I want them to miss your beauty? I’m teaching them to appreciate the hand spun creations of Jesus Christ. We were all made in his image…we are beautiful in His sight and have value with purpose in His Kingdom.  All of us…

I need to believe that most of us rocking and raising this generation are teachers of a new Way. It can feel like the smallest influence but really…it’s the biggest impact you can offer. When your children leave the home, what each parent has packed their bags with will ultimately be the change mankind is crawling around on the ground searching for desperately.  

I’m a hopeless romantic in the love story of Jesus and His people…He is coming after us. Hear that with passion and tippy toe standing excitement...He. Is. Coming. I want to be found preaching Grace, Hope, Forgiveness, Justice, Love, Equality, Freedom and Redemption in my home. 

You will never look into the eyes of a human being that Jesus did not die for. Never. We are breathing because of His breath. Our posture should be adoration. 

You are a difference maker…you…the one holding tiny hands crossing the street. Our job has never been more important. Let them see you grieve…let them witness your rage against mistreatment of God’s people. Let them find you with hot coffee and Bibles open seeking His will. Let them hear you pray for other people’s children…bring them with you to serve in your local community.

I get it…I’m a dreamer…I’m still wearing my faded red KONY t-shirt…I painted the front porch in it last summer and asked the Lord one more time to reignite my heart for those head line stories everyone loves to jump on board with, throw 25 dollars at and forget it with the season change. I want to be faithful in the long dark alleys… not just the spotlight.  Join me. Join me. Join me. Please.

Don’t give up hope that tomorrow we could see half the violence…half the heartache…half the depression. Be the voice of healing for your children and the children around your circle of influence. Keep reading the news articles so you will know how to teach, pray and serve. Don’t turn your back. Turn your outrage into action.

When you have spent your time teaching equality for all genders and races you see that it works. When your children, all four of them, are shocked at racist hate and hostile glass ceilings you whisper a thank you. They are listening, more than that they are paying attention to what moves you. What you tolerate. 

I am convinced the solution won't be found in the hands of any government. It rests in the palms of Jesus and in the mothers who dream. It's the millions of little movements more than it's the one big moment that makes the change happen. 

How can a common girl help Ferguson? How can she make a difference in beheadings and rapes and wars…How can she not? Get. On. Your. Knees. 

I had the privilege of holding a friends baby a few weeks ago while she stepped away for a deserving minute. He is about 2 months old give or take so he drinks milk, burps and then his body falls limp and wraps it’s precious self around your waist, head resting on the curve in your arm. There is not one single thing sweeter on this planet... 

As I stood swaying him back and forth I wanted to sing softly over him but instead…I began to feel The Lord strongly ask me to pray over him. This little boy…not my own…He wants me to invest in. Yes, that’s what God wants from us. What a privilege…what an eternal game changer. Get on this movement with me. Find someone not in your family...a young little guy or gal...and intercede. 

As I rubbed his tiny toes I asked this of my God…

Lord, set his feet upon The Rock. Choose him to be a peace maker and a leader in his generation. Give him a firm foundation that he might never question his calling on this earth. Set in his heart at the earliest age possible the teachings of Christ and let his capacity to understand the mysteries of You be far beyond the wisest of men. Grant him health all the days of his life so that he can fully live out his missions. Give him a vision that matches your desires. Protect him from the schemes of man and help him anticipate your mighty right hand holding him up. Set him apart for your glory. Let him be a blessing to his parents and his community. Teach him Your ways and let there be clarity between right and wrong according to Your Word. Bring him friends to do life with who are like minded and encourager's of a Christ like lifestyle. Set His feet Lord. Let his life count for MUCH.  
I will never give up.  I will let it shock me when people chose evil over good. I will push past fear and fight for peace. And I will use my voice until God brings me home. It is decided. 

I’m calling this generation to a firm foundation…I’m praying them to The Rock. And that my friends...IS doing something.  

“He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on a rock and steadied me as I walked along.” 
~Psalm 40:2

Don't let it just be me...


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