Friday, July 11, 2014

Wild, Free And Unexpected...I Choose You.

I jog by them several mornings a week, (I wish I could say everyday but who are we kidding). They are so beautiful too me. They are never where you expect...the conditions are always contrary to what I think of as good growing conditions. Yet there they are. 

The weeds. The ones that are wild and free. I'm most attracted to them...  

I mean sure...yes, the premium flowers I push past are stunning in vibrant colors. All nice and neat in their perfect rows with the fertilized soil from a bag. But it's the ones that peek up through the pavement...the ones that meet my feet by the edge of the uncut grass...the ones I'm not expecting, that get to me. I choose those.

Some how they tell me that everything doesn't have to be accomplished to be beautiful. That you might just need to let your roots dig really deep down for sustainable dirt, rather than waiting around to be selected and nurtured. 

They remind me that closing your eyes tight and making a wish really can make a difference in your hope...there is possibility in the dandelions floating away.

The hunt of a four leaf clover teaches patience and determination and I have found not a single one. 

They are so unpretentious in their splendor, yet I can only go so long without stopping to take a photo. 

I want to challenge you to look around this weekend at things other people might have deemed inferior, and make your own opinions. 

Happy Friday you wonderful things...


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