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Day Two-What A Cool Girl

Day Two

Luke Chapter Two

The Birth of Jesus. 

The thing that makes me sad about reading this is that it truly is remarkable…and we have all heard it so many times that we read it in our minds with the enthusiasm of an 85 year old monotone librarian.
"It came time for Mary to give birth to her firstborn son and there was no room for them in the inn" blah blah blah can you please get to the part about the shepherds and the angel so I can open my Christmas presents and see if I got that car I have been begging for?

You know it’s true. Pitiful but true.

We have wrapped the birth of Jesus up into the month of December and left Him there. It’s almost a little annoying to read Luke without jeans and a sweater on holding hot chocolate while my pretty little matching stockings are hanging on the fireplace.

But let’s stop for a minute and ask ourselves a few things. 

If what we just read is true, and we have all agreed that we are going to live by FAITH and believe the Bible is true, then what does that mean for me?

How should this affect my life?

What was God saying to the world?

Relating to Mary was never hard for me, even as a young teenage girl, I could relate. I remember feeling a pit in my stomach when I heard that she was 12 or 13 years old when she became pregnant. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE? This had never happened before, conception without sex. What were the chances anyone was going to believe her story? S-L-I-M.

God saw it necessary out of compassion on us, His creation, to send us help. 

Did you know way back then…when you committed a sin you had to sacrifice an animal to be forgiven? GROSS. I would have been thrown into Hell within the first 35 seconds of my rebellious life. Because guess what…I’m not about to get covered in blood. It makes me throw up in my mouth just thinking about it.

Please don’t ask me why God needs the blood. I don’t know. It’s one of those things I don’t understand but that’s OK. It is what it is and God can’t be near sin and sin is erased by the blood of unblemished innocent lambs. Period and the end.  (Just pause here and be glad you weren’t a lamb.)

So God sends His Son to finish this mess once and for all. The final sacrifice. The Holy One giving us His perfect blood so we can be near His Father…God. Praise You Jesus... We. Do. Not. Deserve. You.

The Birth. God could have chosen any method in the world to put Jesus on the Earth. From the dust He formed Adam, from a rib He made Eve; from His spoken voice He created every living creature on the land and sea. And He chose a girl to bring us the Savior. A young, common, not famous…girl.

That’s a big deal sister. It’s a very high compliment. He trusted her. He knew she would *get the thing done correctly* and she sure did. She took this incredibly awkward gift from God and chose to call it a blessing and an honor and a JOY and she walked around her town PREGNANT AT 13 AND UNMARRIED. That’s a reality TV show for ya. Straight up perfect obedience too. 

Jesus was born. God was in Heaven…now God is on Earth walking with us.  

That’s incredible. I wish I was besties with Mary. I am one of those girls who can’t be near a baby and not snatch them from their mama. I am happiest when I am holding a newborn and swaying back and forth humming a tune. I would have held Jesus; I would have defended Mary from the gossips. What a cool girl she must have been…

What does this mean for you and for me? God makes a way. He rescues His people even when it means things are going to get nasty and bloody and feelings are going to get hurt. He comes. He saves.

What was God saying to the world? I’m here. I’m right here. In the flesh …reach out and touch me.

Let this 2000+ old event rock- your- world. 


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