Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day Three- What's The Big Deal?

Genesis 3
The Man and Woman Sin

I think it's time to give our sister Eve a new reputation. It's important to keep in mind that the true villain in the story of the first sin..."the fall of man" is Satan... not Eve. She was sought out and attacked.

He went after her in a manipulative way questioning the words of her God. "Did God really say not to eat from that tree? Are you sure you heard Him right?" HOWEVER...In my opinion not only did trick her, but she somewhat knew what she was doing or she wouldn't have gone round and round with Satan...she tested the good nature of her Father and hoped for the best. Sound familiar? (Raising my hand)

What a punk.

Let's hope that Satan himself doesn't hand you a literal apple but come and I both know plenty of people who do his dirty work far better than he ever could.

We know in our hearts when we have caved into the temptation of our personal struggle and it usually involves someone gently shoving us in that direction. "Friends" who take us down the road that leads to hangovers and heartaches.

Interesting that Eve had a full out conversation with Satan before she eventually took the fruit and disobeyed while Adam never even put up a fight. As far as I can see she offered it to him and he took it and ate questions asked. Personalities are *something* aren't they?

But really... she shouldn't have offered it to him. I wasn't there but I'm assuming like any reasonable woman Eve just wanted a partner in crime. No one likes to go down alone.

Both equally sinners. Both let God down. Both ended up with some pretty harsh punishments that affect you and me still to this day. Make no mistake, our God won't be mocked and He will absolutely punish his me.

I imagine His heart broke that day in the garden. The Bible says He was walking with them...among them. They talked to God, I mean audibly heard His voice. You never know how good you have something until it's gone would be a great cliche for that chain of horrible events.

Even if Eve hadn't been deceived, the next generation would have. It was going to happen...

So set in motion a separation of God and His creation. He knew this would result in the need to send a Savior...what a heavy load. I wonder if because he is all knowing that's why he came down so hard on them. They were thinking what's the big deal it's an apple...and He was thinking my Son will suffer on a Cross for this.

Consequences they could have never seen coming God knew in advance. When he gives us rules, they are placed there for protection, of ourselves and others around us.

So how does his apply for you and me in 2014? I'd like to suggest that the actions we take that are directly against what we KNOW are not Gods desires will not only devastate our own lives, but potentially have a trickle down affect for friends and family for YEARS to come.

Who do you have in your life trying to convince you God's fine with ____. How long will you stick around arguing that with them until you finally give in like our sister Eve? Maybe it's time to walk away from some one or some thing that's whispering bold lies. "But God didn't really say not to do ____ right?" Um, yes baby girl, He sure did and you know it.

Even in the great sadness of God He showed love and mercy to Adam and Eve in the end. And we can count on His grace to extend into us as well. He made clothes for them after all that drama...that's not too shabby.

And as women, let's offer new reputations for people who need them, and want them. Eve sinned. She ate the fruit. She didn't go back and shove 15 more pieces in her cheeks and ruin the entire Bible. She was already punished. Can't we move on? Do you know anyone else who has been publicly caught in a big sin? Is it time to offer them a new "name"? Yes? Maybe? Something to ponder anyway.

Hey look at US! We made it to Friday! Three days in a row of Bible Study! Whoop!
Enjoy your weekend and meet me back here Monday. I love you so much. Be the light in a world who desperately needs it...


Day FOUR Psalm 51
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