Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Day One
Genesis Chapter One

I already admitted to you that I fall asleep when I read the Bible. That used to embarrass me. I would hear kids in Sunday School brag about how they read two or three chapters every single night…really? OK. 

But then I was handed something that changed my life…a pen. Radical I know. But the caring adult whispered into my young ear…”If you write down thoughts about what you read, you will become interested.”


I began to read the Bible and take notes about what I thought God was telling me…I became obsessed. I write on note cards, spiral books, mirrors, hands…whatever. If Jesus said it and it impressed me…its getting ink. The only reason I haven’t gotten a tattoo is because I would literally look like a walking Scripture freak. 

I read it and it stirs…I write it and it takes flight. Give it a try.

I didn’t choose the reading selections for this 21 day challenge.  I am following a sheet of paper handed to me by someone I greatly respect. I saw the first day and I questioned the choice (of course I did…that’s what I do) I thought “Why the first chapter of the Bible? Everyone knows that.)

I asked God to give me fresh eyes and read it as if I had never heard this before and then I grabbed my pen and paper…as I was frantically writing down all the events that happened in the creation of the world…it hit me. 


So on the first day of my challenge what I have discovered is this…I think most of us lack the faith it takes to truly believe God. AND if we don’t trust that what He says is truth about the creation of the world, will we EVER believe what He says about us? That we are loved unconditionally, forgiven of all sin, washed clean, guiltless before the throne, made by his hands for a specific purpose and always for his glory?

Most of the stories in the Bible require me to let go of logic. I believe He requires it. He can only be your GOD if you don’t have one yet. If you are your god, insisting that your mind must comprehend *it all* on every level before you will believe…this Book will frustrate you to death.

Day ONE...PAGE ONE of the Bible and God is asking you to believe He spoke and basically every single thing you see appeared.

Verse 3 And God said “Let there be light.” And there was light.//so before He said that it was dark? Yes.

In verse 6 He literally speaks Heaven into existence. Verse 9 He gathered the water together under Heaven and commanded the dry land to appear. It says “God called the dry land Earth.” 

Are you going here with me girls? 

So there was NOTHING except the spirit of God and He spoke and EVERYTHING came into being. Will you believe that?

Do I believe all this…I sure do sister. I sure do. At some point, you must decide to stop arguing EVERY SINGLE THING and just say “OK. If God said it…it’s true. Period.” 

And if by his voice alone He created the land, waters, birds, animals, all vegetation and seeds and by His breath gave you and me life…I can’t think of one single thing He cannot do.

What if we went into each day believing 100% Jesus was FOR us and what if we BOLDLY asked Him to show us He is still alive and active in this place we live called Earth that HE NAMED!

 What if we let it absolutely shock us when we didn’t see or hear from The Lord? And then if we don’t hear from Him ask louder, longer bolder….expectant He will come.

If we can’t believe He made the fish and the trees…just wait till you see what stories are coming! Jonah gets swallowed by a whale and lives to tell about it. Three men are thrown in a lion’s cage and are not eaten. Others are thrown into a fire pit of mass proportion and come out not only unharmed but not even smelling like smoke.  (Lets all stop here and pretend we don’t know anything about getting the smell of smoke off your clothes) 

And there will be blind people, bleeding people, demon possessed people all healed by a mere glance or touch of Jesus Christ….are you really in?

My favorite verse in day one: Genesis 1:27

“So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”

I have chills…we are the image bearer of God himself. He created you sister…if nothing else He created fascinates you let it be THAT. Let’s don’t question our awesomeness any longer…what a slap in the face of our creator.

I’m in. Be in with me. Re-read the stories you heard when you were three years old with new eyes…and a pen.

I believe every single word in the pages of our Bible is true…do you?  The world will think we are crazy but I’m OK with that…are you?  

I’m not gonna lie, the lyrics from Eminem The Monster just came into my head… Get along with the voices inside of my head… You think I’m crazy? Well, that’s nothing.

Sorry about that…

I love you madly.


What do you think? I'm right here...

Day TWO of the competition is Luke Chapter 2
Online Bible readers click HERE. 

Side note...please forgive and over look all the grammatical errors in my writing. I know they are there. I'm living on a wing and a prayer over here in the Lee house with ZERO spare time to fix all that. Thank you a thousand times over...

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