Thursday, April 17, 2014

He Loves Us, Anyway


My favorite of all the days.

The Cross draws us in. All of us. It's pulling you towards freedom with every drop of blood spilled...

The broken angry fist shakers along with the hopeful, redeemed and pure. The doubters, deceivers and thief's of joy with the holy, beautiful and forgiven. The critics, arguers and slanderers. The uptight, jealous and bitter. The neutral, gentle and quiet. The wayward and the established.  The hypocrite's and the genuine... 

And I've been them all at one time or another...and I bet you have too.

Oh How Jesus Loves Us, Anyway.

The King came. He offered us a new Way. A humble peacemaker and promise keeper. Giver of eternal life and unsurpassed joy! Miracle worker and unashamed friend to the lowest. He hangs out with us in the dirt, and then bends His knees to wash our feet. He is the lifter of our heads even while we are in the middle of our mess.

He Loves Us. He Chose Us. He Wants Us.

Easter... It does not discriminate. Rather it opens The Grave and swings wide the door to Salvation.

May our hard wooden pews and plastic chairs be full of Hope seekers this Easter. Ones who are willing to stop in reverence and awe of a God whom the grave could not hold. And though we cannot wrap our logic around the Deity, may we pause to fear the Mystery. 




Freedom begins in a posture of adoration and thanksgiving. Hope follows with songs of praise. Healing takes root in the deep holed scars on the palms of Jesus. And life truly begins when our Faith in the unseen things of God, matter more than the manipulated ways of man.  

Easter, how I love you. Bring on your awesomeness. 

And honestly, Cadbury Cream Eggs just make the day so much sweeter. And you know it's the truth.