Thursday, January 9, 2014

Teen Girl Translation

Oh you crazy teen girls you are pressed on my heart in a BIG way right now. I love you so much in all your wildness and wide eyed wonder. I see Jesus Christ all over you; shining through you even when you don't feel it...He is there, within you doing His glorious thing. 

Because of Him you are free to be who you want to be and IT. Means. Everything. I keep telling you to hold tight to Jesus but baby girl...He has YOU...and He's not letting go. And that right there is the best news you will ever get in your entire life.

I was reading in the books of Psalms this morning and it was so impressed upon me to share this verse with you that I literally almost drove to the High School to read it to you and then I realized that you might be HIGHLY embarrassed and never talk to me again so I grabbed a pen and wrote feverishly.

This is my translation of Psalm 1:1-3. I wrote it for you...I call it the "Teenage Girl Translation". (I am laughing so hard right now) I'm sure someone big and important could find a reason why this is sacrilegious but whatever; you guys know my heart so here goes.

1. I cannot express to you the amount of JOY you will have if you choose NOT to follow the advice of mean girls, or stand around in the hallway with people who consistently choose to break the rules, or even go low enough to JOIN IN with the ones who verbally attack and ridicule others.

2. No, that is not your heart. Yours is satisfied in the love letter God has written for you. He wrote it in such a way that it needs to be read and re-read. Fill your spare time thinking about what He has to say about your life, not just on Sunday morning or for a few minutes before you fall asleep, but ALL throughout the day. Just think about God.

3. Girls who follow this simple plan are strong and self confident. They KNOW who they are. They know the SOURCE of their strength and they stay close to Him...they will not shrink under the pressure. Everything she does will succeed.      

How do you like that? Now that's good stuff! That's the Bible Y'all. (Well it's my version) Are you digging in? I want you too...Psalms 1:4-6 goes on to describe what happens to the girls who are vicious. This is the real deal girls. This isn't wishful thinking. This is a plan. It's God's plan. I am banking my very life on the fact that every single promise from Him is true and I'm grabbing them.

Here's the are getting advice from someone. We all are. And let me tell you from YEARS of bad advice getting, I wish I had taken this scripture seriously when I was in my teens. If the advice you receive from friends is not something you would... 

A. Be comfortable repeating out loud in front of adults you love like your's not good advice.

OR, and most importantly...

B. Does not line up with is counter to what Jesus is telling you to do. You got it, trash the advice. 

Do you want joy? Do you want to succeed? Of course you do. We all do. How's it going for you now? 

I love you. I believe in you. But my love doesn't even come close to the love Jesus has for you...your Creator. Who knows you better? No one. (Picture my eyes bugging out of my head right now. I'm so serious about this.)

That's all I have today. Heart full and dumped out. I hope this week back to school hasn't killed you. I've been praying like a mad woman.


P.S Look up the real Scripture in your Bible. (please)