Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dear Teenage Girl

Dear Teenage Girl,

How I adore you. I see you with your cowgirl boots, perfectly curled hair and that thing you have around your legs you are calling a skirt. It is nearly killing me, truly taking every single bit of restraint I have not to run over to you, throw my arms around your beautiful neck, hold you really close and whisper a story of freedom in your ear.

I want to sing you a redemptive song that's melody softly reminds are a hand crafted chosen daughter of a mighty jealous God. Do not sell your soul to the deeds of popularity. The cost will be high, the debt will be forgiven but the healing will be will be scarred. There is a better story written for you.

You want to be want to wear the homecoming crown and have your shoulders kept warm by the jacket of "the guy" you know the one. You want to ride in the jeep, top down, doors off, wind in your hair...his hand on your leg.

You want flowers on Valentine’s Day, or any day at want hand written love letters promising you that your relationship will be different. It will deify all logic, stand the test of time and y'all will get married, and everyone will be all like, "Awwww I KNEW they would stay together forever!"

So yeah, with all that stuff he're pretty much married in your heart...what’s the point in waiting to have sex? Life is short. #YOLO

You add that extra layer of mascara, wear that shirt a little lower, brush up against him a little longer, in all the right places. You want to be the last thing on his mind when he falls asleep at night and trust are. Well played love, yes, you have power over the thoughts of these unassuming little's intentional. I know...I remember. Guilty.

You want to be invited to the parties with the "chaperone's" who stay upstairs lost in their wine. You want to be the one who can casually drink or dabble in won't get addicted...that doesn't happen to well educated girls who drive nice cars.

You can hold your liquor on Saturday night and your Bible on Sunday morning...after know you are forgiven and that God is your only judge. *Who cares* what anybody thinks about you right? This is YOUR life.

Deep Breath.

OK so you aren’t the top aren't THAT bad...but you want to be in her circle. You want to be in the group text, to at least be know all the inside jokes and be tagged in the photos. So you do just enough to fit in, it makes you feel dirty but least you aren’t at home alone with your parents on a Saturday night right? #foreveralone #looooser

Your language is getting out of hand and what was once whispered among friends is now spoken loudly with no shame in public...and written online. It's your mouth; you can say what you want to. No body’s going to tell you what to are almost an adult. I mean a few years you will be in college so the parenting is pretty much over anyway...right? I am who I am. Sound familiar? How did I get in your thoughts like that?

Baby girl. Beautiful, wonderful, marvelous, brilliant you. I'm standing here suggesting it might be time to take the road less traveled. Make a U turn. Really have a good long discussion with yourself about what your dreams were...and what they are now.

I'm raising my hand telling you "It doesn't always turn out OK. The pain drives deep and years after the choices have been made the memories are not erased."

Have you lowered the bar for yourself? Have you compromised everything, or even just a few things? Have you crossed the line so many times it's not even a thrill anymore? Is there even a line still drawn? A place you have personally decided you will not go? And not because someone told you it was a bad idea but because you know it is in your heart and you care about yourself.

My hands are on your face and my eyes are dead locked with yours...

"It's OK. You are still good. Worthy. Whole. Redeemed. Wildly loved. Forgiven. There is never a point in which you have gone too far that Christ cannot restore. He is not angry at you...but rather standing right where you left Him heart aching. Waiting. He never changed His mind about you. Not once. Aren’t you getting tired of this race? You don't want to be the winner of me...there is a better prize. "

I'm not a bitter old woman pointing my finger at you. (well I am older but let's don't rub it in) We are in this together. I'm extending my hand, not slapping yours.

I get it. It's brutal.

Growing up with too many resources, too many opportunities, not enough adults willing to call you out and love you through a bad choice rather than making you the topic of the next gossip chain. Not enough willing to tell you "No", and not be afraid of your fit pitching. Not enough of us who have gone before you willing to admit, “I made that mistake. Here were the ugly consequences. Here's how I got through it."

Girls, what you are chasing is temporary. It has a life span of about 4 years. High School. That's it. Of all the people you look up too, the ones who have made great names for themselves, accomplished things that brought them fame and honor, in the Christian realm and otherwise...none of them, let me say that again...NONE OF THEM, peaked in High School.

I love you too much to say nothing...I'm begging you to revisit why you are here. Don't get caught up in *it all*. Pick your head up and lift your eyes farther...look beyond were handpicked by Jesus Christ!

You already wear a Crown. You already have His robe around your shoulders. Stand firm and stand tall. YOU are the daughter of a King.

John 15:16-You have been chosen.

Ephesians 2:10-You were created to do good works.

John 1:12-You are His daughter.

Isaiah 61:10-You wear His robe of righteousness.

1 Corinthians 12:27-You are a member of the club. You're in.

Colossians 2:9-10- You are complete.

Colossians 1:13- You are forgiven.

Romans 8:11- You are free from condemnation.

Philippians 1:6-He will not give up on you.

Psalm 17-You are the apple of His eye.

Romans 15:7- You are accepted.

Galatians 5:1- You are FREE.

I believe in you. I believe in you. I believe in you.

Don't sell out. Don't settle. Grab whats rightfully yours...

I promise you, hand on my heart, the best is not now...the best is yet to come. Wait for it.