Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Night Reflections From A Sinner

It's the one place I can breathe...I mean really breathe. The deep kind that fills your lungs so wide it visually expands underneath your shirt. Surrounded by the body of Christ. The messy ridiculous broken body of Christ. The sinners. The want to be Saints. A Sunday morning rush for the soul. 

Fellow seekers with hearts bowed low open and longing to be filled with the teachings of the infallible Word of our Savior. The humble, the proud, the esteemed and the seemingly invisible...all stand equal before a Holy God. Chosen. Forgiven. Radically LOVED.

And I go because I'm desperate for Him. I go when I'm too ashamed, too tired, too angry, too vulnerable, too fat, too thin, too judged, too judgmental, too vein, too scared, too hyper, too depressed, too hormonal, too weak, too prideful, too sick, too sick to death... of myself..... 

I don't go because I'm better than you. I go because I'm worse than you.

I just go.

I learn.

I listen.

I serve.

I teach.

I worship.

I repent.

I seek. 

I find.

I weep.

I love.

I'm loved.

I receive.

I give.

I. Am. Restored. Once. Again.

And this is just a fraction of the passion I have for the local Church. 

Gratitude overwhelms me tonight for "Sunday". 

Jesus. Is. Everything....for all of us. Every single one of us. Every single one.

Find Him.